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Emerald, sapphire, quartzite, purpurite, tourmaline beadsAt the left are new additions to our gallery of over 500 strands of gemstone beads. New cuts and semi precious and precious varieties are added every several days so bookmark our gallery pages and return. Some finished necklaces are also included here.

Plumite, amazonite, Peruvian opal, amethyst druzy, agate
Pictured here are recent additions to our gallery of single and small groups of gemstone beads. Some pendants with bezels are included here as well as single pendant beads and carved pendant beads.

Also in the above bead gallery are two topaz god of happiness carvings and a kambaba jasper bear carving. They are drilled top to bottom and are suitable for pendants.


Blue chalcedony beadsThis strand of large untreated African blue chalcedony nugget beads for those of you who are looking for "the real thing." Several large gemstones on a strand.

Below is a turquoise and glass bead necklace by Dorla. Click to see this and several other new pieces she has done.

Crystal, glass and turquoise necklace

Click for animal carvings including the unakite turtle below and several other turtles.

Unakite turtle


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