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Gemstone Bead Strands 10

For July and July we had more colorful beads including blue lace agate, smoky topaz, carnelian, sardonyx, red agate, ruby, pink rhodonite, emerald and tourmaline.

January's additions included pink agate and vase shaped agate gemstone beads.

Before that we had turquoise, lapis lazuli, carnelian, agate, fluorite, abalone, calcite, emerald, ruby and ruby in fuschite.

This is the last page of our most recent gemstone bead additions. Old stock begins on page 11. The newest of old stock beads are on page 20.

Be sure to contact us before ordering more than one of any strand.

The links at the bottom of the page also show some strands and singles not seen in this gallery.

Graduated round bead strand from purple jade. Gemstone necklace with smoky topaz, quartz and agate. Rectangular beads from Mexican blue lace agate.
Purple jade graduated round beads
Catalog 2181
15.5 in.
6 to 14mm
180 carats
Smoky topaz and agate necklace
Catalog 2179
29 in. necklace
40 x 30 x 6mm pendant
327 carats
Blue lace agate rectangle beads
Catalog 2178
16 in.
10 to 15mm long by
4 to 6mm thick
299 carats
Rondelle beads from mixed shades of carnelian. Large sardonyx agate eye round beads. Faceted round beads from carnelian agate.
Carnelian rondelle beads
Catalog 2177
15 in.
5 x 8mm
180 carats
Sardonyx agate round beads
Catalog 2176
10 beads
747 carats
Carnelian agate faceted round beads
Catalog 2172
15 in.
100 carats
Faceted barrel beads from carnelian agate. Necklace with amber colored glass and agate beads. Round beads from red agate.
Carnelian agate barrel beads
Catalog 2171
15.5 in.
18 x 12mm
448 carats
Glass and agate necklace
Catalog 2170
27 in. necklace
41 x 14mm focal bead
431 carats
Red agate round beads
Catalog 2169
15.5 in.
292 carats
Strand of faceted round beads from purple ruby. Faceted rondelle beads from light opaque ruby. Graduated round beads from earth tone shades of tourmaline.
Purple ruby quartz round beads
Catalog 2159
15 in.
162 carats
Ruby quartz rondelle beads
Catalog 2157
15 in.
8 x 5mm
170 carats
Tourmaline graduated round beads
Catalog 2149
16.5 in.
7 to 16mm
295 carats
Strand of tourmaline round beads in graduated sizes. Strand of tourmaline rondelle beads in several colors. Larger faceted round beads from red ruby.
Tourmaline round beads
Catalog 2148
17.5 in.
7 to 16mm
311 carats
Tourmaline rondelle beads
Catalog 2146
16 in.
130 carats
Ruby quartz round beads
Catalog 2144
15 in.
355 carats
Teardrop shaped opalite beads. Vase shaped multi color agate beads. Carved White coral round beads.
Opalite drop beads
Catalog 2136
15 in.
12 x 8mm
140 carats
Earthtone agate vase beads
Catalog 2135
16 in.
19 x 10mm
138 carats
Coral carved round beads
Catalog 2131
16 in.
292 carats
Blue turquoise small round beads. Small faceted round beads from fluorite. Tumbled nugget beads from carnelian with agate.
Turquoise round beads
Catalog 2114
14.5 in.
50 carats
Fluorite faceted round beads
Catalog 2110
15 in.
47 carats
Carnelian agate nugget beads
Catalog 2105
17.5 in.
9 x 14mm to
16 x 21mm
1064 carats
Barrel beads from red and white striped agate.
Red/white agate barrel beads
Catalog 2100
15.5 in.
12 x 8mm barrels
177 carats

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